Dr Demetry Assimakopoulos

The chronic pain management workshop for chiropractors was outstanding. Dr. Demetry is truly an expert in the field of chronic pain management and provided unparalleled knowledge and education. The weekend was filled with current evidence informed research, over a dozen real-life cases, and substantial hands-on practical work with an emphasis on neurological and sensory assessment. Dr. Demetry’s course introduced strategies and tools to help all chiropractors properly assess and diagnose complicated chronic pain patients, enhance treatment techniques, and encourage interprofessional collaboration in order to help the patient reach maximum recovery. High recommended! Can’t wait for the next one.

Zehra Gajic DC
Maple Ridge, BC
British Columbia Chiropractic Association Board of Directors, Lower Mainland

A huge thank-you to PainBC and Dr. Demetry Assimakopoulos for the wonderful chronic pain seminar in Vancouver, BC. This is a must take seminar for field chiropractors or anyone in manual medicine, especially as an integrated approach to chronic pain is so valuable for patients. This seminar was well researched and presented in a way that allowed us to assimilate the information and apply it in practice Monday morning. With the information, tools and measurements we learned, I was better able to help people desperate for some solutions and help them feel empowered with a management plan that took into account their particular challenges and goals. I would recommend Dr. Assimakopoulos whole heartedly as a speaker. His presentation was interesting, informative and his demeanour was light hearted enough to make 17 hours of continuing education fly by. Two thumbs up.

Dr. Jennifer Forbes
Chilliwack, BC

I was at the [Chronic Pain Management] course in BC. There were some big barriers broken down for me. It completely changed my Monday. I’m not kidding when I say it has had the single biggest effect on my practice more than any other seminar! Demetry does some good work at helping you get some confidence in treating those complicated people that won’t get better… I have a different approach to pain management totally than I did before.

Spencer Devenney, DC
Chilliwack, BC

I came to Vancouver for the Chronic Pain seminar put on by Dr. Assimakopolous. As I had been to other seminars on chronic pain previouly (with mixed results unfortunatly), I wasnt sure what to expect.  I came away from Dr. Assimakopolous’ seminar with a fresh perspective and a practical approach to treating patients with chronic pain.  He was engaging and well versed on the subject, and gave us hands on practical management tools to help us assess and  manage  these difficult clients, as well as gave is tools to establish dialogue with other treatment providers to help us work as a team when dealing with chronic pain clients. It was practical, it was interesting, and it had the ability to translate into practice back in the office on Monday.  I’d do this conference again.

Heather Paull, DC
Saskatoon, SK

For a manual therapist providing care for chronic pain patients, Dr. Assimakopoulos’ course on chronic pain was thoroughly informative and provided a wealth of information that could be directly applied to practice. The evidence and knowledge provided is something any treating provider can take into practice.  Dr. Assimakopoulos is changing the way we look at and manage chronic pain.

Naomi Kupferstein, DC
Vaughan, ON

I highly recommend this course to any practitioner, regardless if they work with chronic pain patients or not. Dr. Assimakopolus course provides the tools necessary to work with these patients, which had been invaluable for me in my private practice.

Marco DeCiantis, DC
Toronto, ON