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Clinical Services – Chiropractic Services 

Toronto, ON




Modalities Course – US / TENS 






TMJ – Assessment and Management, January 22, 2023, Toronto

Presenters : Dr. Brad Muir

Online – Two hours (online, to be reviewed prior)

In-Person –   (Toronto, Time 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM)

Early Bird Rate ends Jan. 1, 2023



Technique Tune UP,  February 5, 2023, Toronto

Doctors Patricia Tavares  and Glen M. Harris

In-Person –   (Toronto, Time 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM)

Early Bird Rate ends Jan. 15, 2023

Info here



Cancellation Policy: MSK+ reserves the right to cancel all seminars. If MSK+ cancels a seminar for lack of attendance or other reasons, the delegate shall be entitled to a full refund. The delegate is responsible for all fees and charges associated with travel and lodging. The delegate, on registering for the seminar, assumes all financial risk associated with travel and lodging arrangements. Should the delegate withdraw from the program with greater than 7 calendar days before the first day of the program, then a $100.00 processing fee will be withheld and the balance refunded. Cancellations with 7 calendar days or less of the date of the program, NO refund will be paid. If the delegate does not attend, no refund will be issued.