Here’s what people are saying about the Chronic Pain Diagnosis and Management Course for Healthcare providers:

Dr. Demetry’s Chronic Pain Diagnosis & Management Course—Testimonial by Dr. Taryn Thomas

Dr. Demetry is an absolute wealth of knowledge, especially in the area of chronic pain diagnosis and management. I participated in his course this past summer, right before I started practicing as a chiropractor.  This course reinforced that chronic pain is very complex and multifaceted and there is no “cookie cutter” approach for managing these kinds of patient cases in practice.  This course definitely allowed me to build on my clinical skills regarding the proper diagnosis and management of these particular patients—from psychosocial history taking, to the unique physical examination techniques, to understanding pain mechanisms and their clinical indicators, how to implement comprehensive treatment plans for chronic pain patients and the significance of utilizing appropriate outcome measures. This course has helped me become a more confident practitioner when it comes to understanding pain in general and managing chronic pain patients.  I would highly recommend it!

Dr. Taryn Thomas,  Private Practice, Burlington, ON, CMCC Class of 2019


“The chronic pain management workshop for chiropractors was outstanding. The weekend was filled with current evidence informed research, over a dozen real-life cases, and substantial hands-on practical work with an emphasis on neurological and sensory assessment. Dr. Demetry’s course introduced strategies and tools to help all chiropractors properly assess and diagnose complicated chronic pain patients, enhance treatment techniques, and encourage interprofessional collaboration in order to help the patient reach maximum recovery. High recommended! Can’t wait for the next one.” – Dr. ZG, Lower Mainland, BC

Dr. Phillip Snell

Dr. Demetry on his pain Course