Kinetic Chain Evaluation: Lower Quad Peripheral Neural Dynamics and Articular Dysfunction – Oct. 21-22, Ottawa

Ottawa, Beechwood Physical Medicine

9 St. Charles Street

Ottawa, ON K1L 0B5

Presenters: Dr. Brad Muir and Dr. Glen M. Harris

Online – Some Material will be available prior to the course

In-Person –   (Oct. 21 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Oct. 22 8:30-1;30 PM)

Kinetic Chain Evaluation – Specifically looking at Gait, Squat and Golf Swing

Articular dysfunction will be assessed and managed with a variety of manual therapy techniques including, Mobs, Manips and Mobs with Motion.

  1. Review some of the General Principles specific to lower quadrant peripheral neuroptahies
    1. History
    1. Physical
    1. Diagnosis
    1. Treatment
  2.   Review the use of vibration/MRT/IASTT/Acupuncture
  3.   L/S, Pelvis and Lower Extremity Nerve Pathway, Palpation and Tension –  and EMT

4.  Review and Questions

5. Fill out course evaluation survey

  •   Sign out – end of day

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, the participant should be able to:

  • Recognize the signs of a peripheral nerve related problem presented during the history
  • Identify and locate the nerve through palpation and select the proper tension maneuver
  • Diagnose the peripheral nerve neuropathy and incorporate an appropriate treatment strategy
  • Select and explain to a patient the proper nerve flossing procedure
  • Evaluate, select and perform the appropriate extremity adjustment for the affected joint
  • Utilize a check/treat/recheck treatment strategy to evaluate your treatment outcomes

Articular assessment and manual technique:

1st MTP




Prox Tib-Fib Jt



Si & L/S/ & T/S